International bondage party
Moscow 26,27,28/04/2019


moscow knot

is a major annual international bondage festival has gathered on its stage some of the greatest riggers of nowadays and we are excited to expand the borders further and to host this year our old friends as well as masters and models, who have never performed in Moscow before.

If you are interested in making a show or giving a workshop, please contact us at

Organizers: Vlada, Falco

The dedicated organisational team will offer maximum assistance to our international visitors to ensure their stay is untroubled. Stay tuned for further updates and do not hesitate to drop us a line in case of any questions. We are impatiently waiting for You!


ul. Samokatnaya 4s11
Large theatre / club. Up to 1500 people
7 Km from Red Square



Russia. Moscow

Among the picturesque variety of the Moscow Knot party participants, the Rigger I love most is Jaeger. He says that he started showing interest in the bondage in 2006. The development of his unique style was greatly influenced by the art of such Riggers as AlekZander and Arisue Go. After Eger attended the Kinbacon festival in Lvov in 2009, he revealed bondage as art. Starting from that time, the bondage has gone beyond small-scale sado-maso practice for him, and the ropes have become an essential part of the Rigger’s image. Since 2010, the Rigger has been performing on stage. It all started as public performances during the meetings of the Yugen club in Saint Petersburg.
Also, the bondage fitted in the Rigger’s passion for artistic photography. This interaction together with public performances urges his professional growth in the “art of ropes”. Jaeger says that the bondage for him is a mix of three main components: power, emotions and trust, and this mix is achieved by means of such a seemingly simple tool as a rope. All performances of the Rigger are characterized not only by high professionalism and a unique style but also by the unique work with a model. Each number is unforgettable, which is mainly caused by the extraordinary intensity of emotions and passions. The Rigger does not play them, he lives them on stage. Other characteristics of the style of Jaeger's performances that are worth mentioning are an incredible sense of humor, courage, sincerity, desire to amaze, to frighten, to shock the audience, to knock them down. His performances combine such diametrically opposite sensations as horror and laughter, pain and tenderness, beauty and cruelty. The Rigger makes the audience empathize, not only watch remotely but feel themselves as real participants of the breathtaking performance. He erases borders between the audience and the performers. Unpredictability, beauty, eroticism and sensuality of the action can never leave anyone indifferent.

Vital Khimia

Costa Rica

In his professional life he is a Systems Engineer, a master in metaphysics and martial arts lover. He also has been studing traditional photography since he was young; incorporating new tendencies to his technique without compromising his own style of exalting the human body in the most natural way possible, without retouching or modifications in his artistic work, using only Open Source tools compiled by himself.
In the BDSM world, he is the Dungeon Master of the "Exclusive Club Quaternary", an artistic project where he expresses all his knowledge and experience involving his greatest passions. Together with his Alpha submissive, MitZuKy, they have been cultivating in the people who are close to them, a feeling of confidence and self-confidence, where they can express themselves without fear or prejudice and can live to the fullest the sense of their own being.
VitAl & Mit
In our Life Style, Kinbaku is one of our ways to release a disturbing erotic charge, to project an exquisite form of artistic expression, in the quest to transform sensuality, pain and pleasure into art, allowing us to create our own rope work style based on Sacred Geometry.
In each session we project a strict representation of exchange of power, where the submissive voluntarily gives total control in the hands of the dominant, so that, through his body and the exquisite flow of the ropes, he can express his artistic expression, elevating the maximum all our senses in a close bond between both, turning the act into a beautiful ritual in which the relationship Power-Pain-Pleasure and Art merge into a whole. Where we exchanged moving glances of each lived feeling without censoring feelings and expressions, transforming it into an experience that elevates our senses from the earthly to the spiritual, until we can both reach ecstasy. No scripts, nothing planned, it's just a spontaneous moment where the strong connection sings the participating souls in a mutual satisfaction ..
We use three fundamental sources of power: the voluntary and consensual delivery by the submissive, the hemp ropes as a catalyst of energy between them and the domination of both their body and mind by the dominant, while the other game accessories they go on to a complementary plane as pain and pleasure enhancers, all in a balance and absolute control of what happens during the session.


Russia. Moscow

My acquaintance with bondage took place at the first bondage fest in 2007 - there I saw this practice personaly for the first time. Since that time it has always been present in my life.
I didn't have any teachers, whom I am able to name, but there are some masters, whose seminars I have visited for those years that I was in bondage personaly. They are: AlekZander, WykD Dave, Riccardo Wildties and Bruce Esinem.
Besides, I try to examine every new tie or type of hanging.
The central thing in bondage is the interaction between a master and his model, in my opinion. There can be different results of this interaction: pain, pleasure, balancing somewhere between sensuality and sadism, orgasm - the range is wide. I can't stay only indifference. The beauty of tying and aesthetics of ropes is pleasant for me, but not a necessary consequence of such a "dialogue".
My shows and actions could be seen at such large events as BDSM FISHING 2011, 2012 (Moscow), BDSM CASTLE (Moscow), RopeFest (St.Petersburg), and of course MoscowKnot, which scene I 'll visit this year with great pleasure and with a new idea.



“Rope is just a tool”
Justin Rvt likes to wonder.
Is it possible? If yes, how? Otherwise, why?
Since 2014, he works on a regular basis with these questions in mind. Thinking out the box with a solid technical background is part of his process.
This method leads to intense ties and powerful scenes where the ropes are used to make his partner look more beautiful trough complex shapes and suffering.
Gwen Sh discovered Shibari last year with Justin.
Within the strong influence of Gorgone she started to work on body awareness and active modeling which improves drastically her physical and psychological performances.
Both of them like to push their boundaries and make things challenging while keeping this particular energy they grew as a couple.



“Rope is just a tool”
Justin Rvt likes to wonder.
Is it possible? If yes, how? Otherwise, why?
Since 2014, he works on a regular basis with these questions in mind. Thinking out the box with a solid technical background is part of his process.
This method leads to intense ties and powerful scenes where the ropes are used to make his partner look more beautiful trough complex shapes and suffering.
Gwen Sh discovered Shibari last year with Justin.
Within the strong influence of Gorgone she started to work on body awareness and active modeling which improves drastically her physical and psychological performances.
Both of them like to push their boundaries and make things challenging while keeping this particular energy they grew as a couple.


Russia. Moscow

Krash is a follower, first of all, of Russian bondage masters. Thanks to them and in search of inspiration, he began to form his own style. In it the rope work is always supplemented by various facilities, as well as close interaction with the partner through the grips, kicks and other delights of hard contact, various devices. With Lorilynn they form a pair, combining the warmth of youth and the experience of prolonged interaction with each other, which allows them to immerse themselves in experiments and use non-standard scenarios. They used to make ropesessions in the chamberlike setting, so that's why they consider the performance at Moscow Knot as a new unique experience. "My bondage is not static art, not an installation for photography. It's a close interaction, dynamics, pain and passion. When I bound a woman, I want to see her transformation from the crown of evolution to a naked creature, sincerely wishing to survive. I like to observe the crystallization of basic needs, the oblivion of the masks imposed during life. The rope is one of the most effective tools for this change. "

Valeria Villins

Russia. St. Petersburg

I've been obsessed with shibari right after my first lesson in March 2016. Practicing shibari gives me absolutely unbelievable emotions. When I stand under a bondage ring, holding a rope in my hand, when I approach my rope-bunny - the whole world stills in a trance state. During the tying my model becomes my dearest woman, I feel so much passion I wanna torture her, dominate her, take everything she's got. And then I give it back and give even more, warm her and cuddle her with all the tenderness.
I try to make each performance unique - in emotions, images and technique. I don't wanna be repetitive and it means a lot to me. Agression, dynamic, sex - these are ingridients for my shows and my style of tying. Each time combined in different proportions they allow me to show everything and even more.


Russia. Moscow

Georg believes that bondage is beautiful when it is full of sincerity, passion, dizzying drive. Even if the technic is perfect, bondage can still be easily ruined by fake emotions. The most essential quality of a rigger is recognizability, his own style, when we can define who is the author of the ties with a single photo.
Moscow Knot for me is a festival, a big show, and all the participants become a family in these days, and it is maybe the only place to see a large number of different styles. Moscow Knot always has a welcome surprise for us with something new and outstanding.


Izrael. Tel-Aviv

In 2014 there was my first time I got into the world of ropes. At that moment I wished for something new, unexplored. Suddenly I dived into such a phenomenon as bondage. I watched Akira Naka and Randa May’s videos and understood clearer that I desired to experience these emotions myself, which had the masters during their sessions. More over I was eager to learn how to give such bright emotions to my partner. I studied tying by trial and error, gradually realizing that ropes are able to give you great power. Besides I intended to discover every knot by my mind and to feel it by my heart. In my opinion bondage is one of the ways to communicate with a woman. Ropes can make something that words can’t do, and you don’t always need words. We have a proverb: there is no limit of perfection. I am sure it refers to bondage too: there are no bounds of developing, there is always something to learn.

Sergey Libido

Russia. Moscow.

I first learned about shibari in 2009, reading Alek Zander's article on his website. Since then I got carried away with tying. I've been learning different ties at home by looking at the pictures and reading related articles. I started to visit rope bondage events and workshops only in 2014. The next year I first performed on stage, since then rope bondage, actions and stage became the huge part of my life. These three different components almost never come together. I separate them in three parts:
- bondage for myself, when me and my partner are left only to ourselves, when passions and emotions are in full swing, and unity with the partner grows stronger with each turn of the rope;
- bondage in a close circle, when only a part of the intimate is taken to the show, remaining a mystery to others, when power and pain, inevitability and shame prevail;
- and bondage for the scene - images dominate over reality, I can give vent to my imagination, adding an emotional coloring to what is happening.

Alexander Mirble

Russia. Kazan

Alexander Mirble & Malena Gatto
A bright young couple from the capital of sunny Tatarstan. Started practicing bondage in 2015. Performed at various kink events in Kazan, Izhevsk, Perm, Samara. Formed in Kazan shibari club "Garasat", which united the beginners and experienced riggers of the city.
Bondage for us is first and foremost a pleasure. Public performances, private sessions, various photo projects - all this gives us inspiration, joy and a sense of fullness of life.


France. Paris

Docvale is a French rigger who got interrested in ropes from the BDSM world since 2007. In 2011 he met Tyka and they started ropes together influenced by Kinoko Hajime and Wildties styles. In 2012, he became friend will Wildties and around one year later, they started to work together very regularly in Paris. At the same time, Tyka and him began to be call for workshops and performences in Europe.
The psychological aspect of ropes became increasingly important in the way he tied and it is at this precise moment that he discovered Akira Naka’s semenawa. This intense and psychological style of bondage highlighted Docvale’s own BDSM’s expectations and confirmed his dedication to it. He became one of the very first riggers to tie in this style.
In the continuation of their first meeting with Akira Naka in Rome in July 2015, Tyka and Docvale made a trip to Japan in March 2016 in order to meet with the style's sensei. The purpose of the trip is to compare their work with the opinion of the latter. Since then and on recommendation of Naka Akira and Wildties, he began to work on his own style. After one year and a half trying to understand which way to follow , Docvale finally started to realise in May 2017 what his own kinbaku was. Since this moment began a new way in which you must certainly perceive old school influences. Docvale


Сzech republic

Edna tied her first knots in 2011 and since then she developed her very own style of tying. She learned how to tie from many excellent riggers (including Gorgone, Riccardo Wildties, Yoroi Nicolas and many others) and likes to combine traditional shibari techniques with nonorthodox ways of tying. When she ties she often challenges her models with difficult ties and mixes beauty of human body with expressions of pain. Edna focuses on honest emotions shared with her partner, on mutual trust and respect and she likes to use rope as a tool of intimate communication. The audience can see that she and her partner are sharing very deep emotions when they tie on stage. Edna performs and teach at international shibari events around Europe. Edna


Russia. St. Petersburg

Karol – I became interested in bondage in 2011. I have learnt much by watching others do it and by feeling the bondage on my own body.Starting from 2012 I have begun to attend seminars and masterclasses by various European (La quarta corda, GeorgBarkas,Maestro BD, Nawasabi, Andrea Ropes, Yoroi Nicolas, Riccardo Wildties....) and Japanese bondage masters (NakaAkira, Kinoko, Kazami Ranki, Bingo Shigonava, Otonawa, Randa Mai ...). I have performed at the international bondage festival on stage at Boundcon (Munich), RopeFest (St. Petersburg), MoscowKnot (Moscow).
I mostly work with women, because I can feel them like myself. A man is like a closed alien world for me. My style is to tie in close contact and in a very sensual way. I like when my partner attains pleasure through pain. Renata and I have met in summer of 2016, and our interaction has created a bond between our souls and has not left those around us indifferent to it. For me Renata is like a surge of a huge roaring river with turbulent and daring rifts andpeaceful and quiet pools.I never stop wanting to have this girl in my ropes. Our souls are tied, and we sound in unison when there is a rope between us.
Renata – shibari is sex for me. This has always been so. I love pain, it arouses me, but with each master it is different. When I have met Karol, I saw yet another side of this magical practice. With her I have learnt that ropes can be something like magic, meditation, sex. She touched my hand, and I felt as if on fire. This is how the connection began. Her energy flowed like honey through my whole body…

Ren Yagami


Mr. Yagami is a master of erotic bondage style. From the age of 17 he has been going by the shibari path with a rope in his hands. The first underground public performance of Mr. Yagami took place in 2004, and in 2011 Mr. Yagami became a bondage trainer. In addition to the usual various events and the media speeches, he created his own style of bondage and the philosophical concept called "Yagami-ryu Sekibaku Jutsu", or "The School of Torture by the Binding of Mr. Yagami." Mr. Yagami has a great support from Japan and other countries. Nowadays he is giving seminars and lectures in 20 major cities in more than 15 countries.

Sergey Lisitsin

Russia. St. Petersburg

Sergey ExmelinLiSiTsin and Olga Svoboda make a creative duet and a BDSM couple. Together they organize bondage erotic photoshoots, perform in clubs and give classes in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Minsk, Kiev. They participated in MoscowKnot festival in 2014, 2015 and 2016.
«We were always glad to perform onMoscowKnot stage. We think that this event organized by Vlada and Falco is the largest one in the Eastern Europe bondage world.
Our public bondage doesn’t differ a lot from our private sessions. It’s not a game, it’s always emotional and expressive. We strive to be best remembered for intensity, sexuality and the incredible tense on stage. Bondage for us is most and utmost about close contact with each other during the session, it is about interaction and opportunity to feel your partner by ropes. We like the game of desires, the feeling of might and submission. We want the intermixture of appetences of both rigger and his model to form the mutual satisfaction in classical technics».



RopeMarks, Bob Roos, is a kinbaku professional from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
He is famous for his energetic performances in Japanese rope bondage in which he combines traditional kinbaku with his own distinct and unique style, often at incredible speed. With RopeMarks on stage, you will for sure be entertained by dynamic suspensions, a touch of torture and a sense of humour.
He is passionate about sharing his knowledge about kinbaku and shibari in fun and hands on workshops. In special Masterclasses, he gives enthusiastic rope lovers the understanding that is needed to develop their own styles based on a firm foundation.
Over his career RopeMarks (绳之痕) studied under the lineage of the late Akechi Denki (明智伝鬼) and Nureki Chimou (濡木痴夢男), his work reflects the traditional techniques taught by these leading kinbakushi’s. With over 20 years of experience RopeMarks is considered a kinbakushi in his own right within the worldwide Japanese rope bondage scene.
www Shows Ryu Body of work @
Bio of the model
Spring is an enthusiastic Dutch rope bunny and part time fetish and nude model, who loves intensity in every possible way.
Already at a young age Spring had kinky and BDSM fantasies that she didn’t explore until 2011. Rope fascinated her from the beginning and after her first experience she was hooked. She started experimenting with rope and BDSM in her private life and gradually moved towards experimenting and modeling in front of the the camera, satisfying her exhibisionistic streak. She considers modeling on stage as an exciting next step.
As a rope bunny, Spring loves being seriously challenged. She experiences (slow) suffering as a sexy and sensual way to a deeper connection in which she can totally surrender. Apart from the physical interaction, she loves the impact of nonverbal communication.



RopEmotion is a bondage artistbased in Germany; NorthRhine-Westfalia; Muensterland,there he has a small studiofor giving workshops but he’salso often on tour in Germanyand international for differentbondage shows, workshops andshootings.The style to tie up he usesreflects his own fascination,which is made up of visualform, psychology, eroticismand most important humancommunication and emotions.For him, bondage is a languagethat came along without wordsand consists of emotions,feelings, communication andmovement – Two people, goingtogether on a journey, exploringand entering new, maybeunexpected, levels.His work has already been shownin various media for example:“Schlagzeilen”, “Tattoo Erotica”and the short flm “Disturb, donot discuss“ ( studies Shibarisince 2010, during the lasteight years; he visited variousnational and internationalriggers, at various workshops,mini-workshops atconventions, as well as PrivateTuitions. The riggers he visitedwhere among others, OsadaSteve, RopeKnight, Wildties,Gorgone, Mosafr, Gestalta,Vinciens, Andrea Ropes, NicolasYoroi and La Quarta Corda.All these different styles andinfluences have shaped himvery much and he uses thisto create his own uniquebondage.

Влада и Фалько


Vlada and Falco are organizers of MoscowKnot and Bondage Time events in Moscow.
This incredibly creative and productive alliance was formed more than seven years ago. Vlada practices rope bondage, flagellation and a variety of BD-practices. Falco is her partner who prefers extreme bondage. Their views on bondage, as a type of torture, surprisingly coincided, giving rise to a unique style - sensual, expressive, probing the limits of human capabilities. Vlada said in an interview that bondage is a significant, very important part of their life, the process often is more interesting to me than the result. Usually goal of my action not only the tied body itself but the process of bondage, so infinite and exotic as growing bonsai.
Since 2011, Vlad and Falco regularly participate in a variety of bondage events. Their performances were seen in several cities of Russia, as well as in Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Germany, France, Switzerland, Israel, Britain, Italy, Japan and Taiwan. Obsession of travelling connected with passion of photography. Many people have seen pictures of Falco, tied among the sights of the world capitals. Each trip of this couple is a creative act, in which not only the tied body, but also the usual objects of the city space are rethought.



Docvale is practising a style in which there is a gote in most of situations.
In the idea of going beyond his habits, we will study some suspensions (or partial suspensions) including no chest harness.
We could imagine that tying in this way is easier or less dangerous than with a gote, but we will see how painfull and stressfull that kind of bondage can be.
Prerequisites : Having a good knowledge in basics of kinbaku (frictions, counter tensions, singles and double column ties) and a good management of suspension lines is more than recommanded. This won't be a berginner class.
What is needed : Students must have at least 8-10 pieces of jute rope in 5-6mm diameter and 7-8 meters in length.
Price: 3000 rub
Start: Sat 15:00
Place: BDSM Club Predel


During this day we will teach three masterclasses. During each masterclass there will be a focus on speed of tying, the hishi (diamond shape) pattern and on providing an in-depth understanding of why we are doing things in a particular way, with detailed information for the rigger and the bunny.
First we tackle a two rope gote, explain the different styles, their pros and cons. Talk about the third rope, aesthetics, placement and more and then add two RopeMarks three-rope-pattern gotes to your rope-toolbox; more if time permits.
Second we will us an utusubuse zuri to talk suspension, suspension safety, the different nawa zuri attachments and more. We will transition the utsubuse zuri into a sakasa zuri and use this position to go into tying with a suspended partner. Before this suspension masterclass we might take a moment and explore a hishi-futomomo that can be used during the tying of a suspended partner.
Finally we will end the day with armbinders and strappado play. After this masterclass you, as a rigger, will be able to put any rope-bunny in an armbinder and play with a strappado, no matter the bunny's body type and/or flexibility.
Class type: masterclass, duration: 4h
• Healthy mind, body and soul,
• Being able to tie a two-rope gote,
• Experience with full body suspension is a pre,
• Experience with transitions is a pre,
• An enthusiastic, curious and open mindset.

More information:
Explanation of terms:


Les Rope - More Emotion We use ropes. We fx our partner. We create beautiful captivations. We tie up our partner… However, is this really everything what bondage puts out? – NO! Freely after the motto “less is more” will we start with this workshop, to get deeper in the connection between the partners.
It is not about how fast you can do a TK, It is not about how neat your jewellerybondage is. It is about communication, erotic, trust and psychology! Since, bondage CAN be more intimate than sexual intercourse.In practical exercises will we take a look in how we… - take contact to our partners and explore their bodies- , - create emotional and mental connections- , use the bodies and movement to experience an unforgettable time.
Further we will give you practical tips and tricks for smoothly tying, rope-handling and well-being in ropes. The workshop is laid out on four hours.


Behind Technique
Bondage is more than just putting ropes on a body.
It doesn’t matter how fast or artistic a rigger is able to tie his ropemodel. What matters is the deep mental connection between two partners. Comparable to dancing you can hit every step right, but only the combination of equiment, technique, emotion and body movement sums up to an extraordinary latin dance of erotic.
In this workshop we mainly devote ourselves to the interhuman aspects of real rope bondage. Meanwhile we explore among others the impact of movement and manipultion, time, rhythm and timing.
We use different elements like the concept of „Ma“ mindfuck and the inner attitude to reduce our bondage on its essential soul.
Since tying our partners can be more intimate then sex.
Required skills:
TK2 (style doesnt matter)
good empathy between rigger and ropemodel

Required equipment:
at least one set of natural fiber ropes with a length of approximatly eight meters, and a diameter of 5-6mm safety scissor

Ren Yagami

Ren is not only using ropes during a session. He is using his very precise knowledge about the anatomie, aikido, he has a very creative mind and a lots of humour. He likes to compare SM with coffee. He likes it tight, strong, deep and black. But not everyone likes to drink expresso right? Then he will show you how to make a delicious capuccino or a latte. He will teach how fit to other's taste and develop more sensations. How do you want your SM play? Black, fluffy, foamy, strong, bitter, sweet, creamy, extra hot? Let's all talk about it! He says also, instead of doing "kinbaku" he is doing "Sekibaku". This workshop is ALL LEVEL and for everyone willing to have a journey to play with our own edges, exploring our eros and our identity, discovering very surprising 'seme' and techniques you can do with and without ropes! Our untimate intention : to give you more spices to add to your play session and for your favorite intimate moments.

Ren Yagami

Ren Yagami Seminar “From beginner to maniac”

Basics: What is the art of tying by master Yagami? The master’s unique style is based on the mix of fighting technics without using weapons and rope proficiency. The first part of a seminar includes the basics of this style.
Theory: Ren Yagami will talk about necessary for a bondagist knowledge of a human body, and will analyze different methods of tying.
Demonstration: This part includes the basic tying elements - “kannuki” (girths) and complicated and changed version of “takatakota” (chest harness). The master will pay particular attention to the technics of “sikake nawa” and “te nawa”. The art of hanging is a key moment. Ren Yagami will analyze the aspects of hanging most detailed, and will try to teach you some types of hanging.
Free rope work: Here you will be able to use the acquired skills.
Questions-answers: At the final part of a seminar Ren Yagami will answer all questions.


Designed for all levels (ground to transition).
Minimum 2-3 ropes for beginners, 7 for more advanced students.
We will start with some stretching lead by Gwen. Riggers are invited to participate if they so desire. These exercises are meant to prevent body injuries and will help the models to go deeper into the ties.
Next, we will deconstruct an entiere scene (“The Dancer”) with several tiers and levels of understanding. The goal for beginners is to learn at least a chest harness and for others to learn more about semi, inversions and transitions while keeping your partner at the center of your attention.
Justin will provided a lot of tips and advices for riggers and Gwen will focus on the models experience.


Bamboos are tools as well.
You can use them to add constraints, support or new dimensions, depending on your choice. During this intermediate to advanced workshop, we will use them for these three purposes.
Starting from the ground, students will learn how to build a solid block reliable for suspensions and Justin will help them to achieve the “Head Down Surfer”.
This pretty uncommon scene is very impressive, looks beautiful no matter your partner’s body and has a lot of options to play with. For those who like to be challenged, we will work on the full backflip sequence which requires focus and skills from the rigger and enough will and stamina for your model. "


Suspension for begginers:
Students of this workshop will take their first steps into shibari suspension. They'll get information about safety, health risks, about safe gear and about communication in ropes. Edna will teach how to attach main suspesnion line and second suspension lines in three different ways and will explain differences among them. She will show you basic suspension techniques and figures- students will learn how to tie side suspension and vertical suspension and after workshop there will be time to discuss any related topics. If you wish to join this workshop you need to know how to tie a proper takate kote and have at least 8 ropes.

Vital Kimia

KINBAKU Erotic for couples"
A Japanese erotic bondage, will allow to explore all senses while hemp ropes flow gently increasing pleasure in an erotic game that creates a strong connection with your partner in a consensual experience. It is an interactive and seductive way that combines a great variety of erotic technics that increases pleasure and stimulation. The workshop is ideal for couples that are looking for revive the old flame and maintain its strength, they are going discover new ways of pleasure and sexuality.

Vital Kimia

Erotic Massage and Ropes (Women & Men)
You are going to experience and stimulate an erotic massage in all your body, hemp ropes will gently go around the body and it will combine candles and essential oils that will intensify senses increasing the highest level of pleasure and sexual excitation.


If you going to attend MoscowKnot please book the tickests. You may do reservation by sending email to or use any messenger - Facebook, Fetlife etc
Then You will be able to buy Your tickets at the entrance by presale price.



Moscowknot 2017

*Grzesznik *Medved' *Jack Daniels *Alexandra Kiki *Unlife *MaestroBD *Vlada & Falco *Felix Ruckert & Lahtnor *Nawasabi *Psiheya *Karol *Jaeger *Lahtnor *Georg *Mosafir *VitAlKimiya *LiSiTsyn *Shigonawa

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Moscowknot 2016

Kazami Ranki* Rija Mae* La quarta corda* Red Lily* Andrea Ropes* MaestroBD* Gestalta* Edna & Anea* Psiheya* Jaeger* Alexandra K * LiSiTsin* Medved* Sergey Libido* Vlada & Falco*

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Moscowknot 2015

Mai Randa * Otowaya Otonawa &* Nawasabi Semenawa * Scot Kinbaku * Andrea Ropes * Georg Barkas * Michael Ronsky * Ludmila Ropes * Nawashi Düsseldorf * Vlada & Falco * Jaeger * Mosafir * Kalahari * Medved * Lisitsin * Psiheya *

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Moscowknot 2014

PhilipAnn Debeaumond * Ludmila Metresa * Tougo * Shibari Circus * Shadow * Incognito * Akira Naka * Nawashi Kanna * Kamijoo Saki * Pilar LaOtra * Mosafir * Jaeger * Lisitsin * Vlada * Heretik Time Table

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Moscowknot 2013

WykD Dave * Xanoo *Naka Akira *Shin * Riccardo Wildties * Mosafir* Caroline * Tetsubishi *Medved*Yeger*Zenj* Stefano * Exmelin* Jack the Whipper* Incognito * Tougo Vlada

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