Andrea Ropes (Italy) & Ishemia (St. Petersburg)

Andrea discovered shibari after he stumbled across a photo of it, and found himself instantly captivated.  He began to pursue it as a form of art, initially teaching himself the techniques, and later attending lessons with teachers such as Haruki Yukimura, Hajime Kinoko, Bob Ropemarks, Peter Slemrian, Otonawa etc. He continues to learn constantly.  He has performed, and taught workshops around Italy and Europe.

He loves cat and hates to speak in third person.

Cirque Shibari

In early 2014 I was asked to join Cirque Shibari, the first ever performance world tour based around Japanese rope bondage!  I have already completed the first set of rehearsals and expect to be beginning the tour in the US as soon as possible.

Andrea last mayor appearance:

  • Bal des supplices -Lyon France 2012
  • Bound London - UK 2012
  • London festival of japanese rope art - UK 2012
  • Bound London - UK 2013
  • Lausanna - CH - 2013
  • Bal des supplices -Lyon France 2013
  • London festival of japanese rope art - UK 2013
  • Bound London - UK 2014
  • Eveil des incoscience - Bordeaux - Fra - 2014
  • Tokyo underground - Geneva - CH 2014
  • Bound London - UK 2015
  • Kinbaku Untied - Barcelona - SPA - 2015
  • Palais des cordes - Paris - FRA - 2015

models Gestalta, Ilaria Seaofsin, Bianca Ombra,Maya Homerton