Georg Barkas & ToxiFay (Austria)

Barkas is currently living and tying in Vienna, Europe, where he and Hishi Karo founded the Shibari Dojo Vienna. He is one oft he 4 licenced Osada Ryu instructors in the world and teaches Osada Ryu and related bondage all over the world. Barkas had invitations to world's leading bondage events for classes and performances, such as Shibaricon in Chicago or Rope Fest in St. Petersburg.

Barkas‘ main focus is on the dynamics within a rope scene and of the connection between the involved persons. His motto is not to tie people but to tie with people. A difference which is often neglected within the rope community. He developed his own, internationally well known style „Ranboo“, which is a personal interpretation of the Osada Ryu and often referred to as a stormy and highly dynamical style"
And here are some pictures: