Boris “Mosafir” Umitbaev & Kristi (Saint-Petersburg)

Participant of the biggest European and Russian shibari events, founder of russian shibaru club “Yugen” and of “RopeSchool”, active member of Russian bondage scene.

“Shibari – is a simple thing. Rope is not a magic thing by itself. But everything what happens during the tying should have its origins into the soul, come from the heart and through the mind. And here is the true miracle is born. Two people in the same mood connected through the rope are able to comprehend all the beauty and all the depth of kinbaku. I love not just tying but exploring the partner, every time passing the new way and receiving a new kind of experience. Variability and changeability – that`s what is making me to feel shibari as the main passion of the current period of my life."

Favorite phrase is “By tying the body release the soul.”, "Way of rope begins in your heart".