Ludmila Ropes & Zlata Dracost (France)

My relationship with ropes started very long time ago when I was a  child. I use to spend some of the school holidays in an island on the Adriatic coast. I use to play with the ropes fishermen used to tie  their small boats. Later on, I served in the military, where I learned to use ropes for  alpinism and military purposes like handling loads, transporting  persons or just to rappel from an helicopter or a building.

I had a brief but interesting career as a photo model, where I posed  for many different registers like bondage photos. Bondage photography  took me to rope bondage, first as model and later as a photographer. I was mesmerized by the beauty, emotions and sensations of it.

In parallel, my own research into Japanese rope bondage, led me to act  as a model in rope bondage lessons and later to learn from some well  known Masters like Latachant from Belgium and an American disciple of  Hebari Nawa. I also took classes with some eminent riggers or had the chance to observe their work in silence. This quest led into meeting and receiving some rope masters from many  different places, either at my home or at theirs.

My ropes evolved into my own style, where energy, speed, safety, comfort and esthetics are the main goal. As a professional photographer, inevitably these two passions merged  together, leading to some fantastic shots and ropework in very  unlikely places like bridges, statues, monuments, heights and so on.  

I'm very lucky to having met the right people at the right moment and  often invited to prestigious international rope events like the Moscow  Knot, Ropefest and the Boundcon, for instance. I regularly perform at public and private events – some in front of  large audiences like in Tattoo conventions or in the intimacy of art  galleries.

I'm looking forward to share my passion with you at this event.