Mai Randa & Tomo (Japan)

Resume. 55 years old, has been working into BDSM sphere for 29 years.
Kinbakushi, stage director, actor, scenarist.
Produced DVD, albums, books, TV shows connected with BDSM.

Words to viewers: “Enjoy my live show”.

Workshop describing.
The story about Randa Mai from the first steps to his today excellence.
There will bу an opportunity to buy Randa Mai ropes.

Randa Mai was born in Tokio on the 25th of March in 1959. Bright person on the japanese shibari scene. Dark glasses, three-day stubble, dark coloured baggy clothes, light steps.
He was very young for professional scene when he achieved good results. He began to perform on 27. The was more than 700 visitors on one of his shows. His films gor special prizes and first places on ratings. But his main defference that he is a representative of dark SM, which is more painful and hard than erotic SM, that is main kind of SM in Japan nowadays. Rope and whip dance – that`s his show. He called “wild dancer” in Japan for his speed and legerity on shows. He don`t repeat his shows, and he explains: “I can`t do the same every time, I want to mprove and do it better than before.” Here is similarity with old bakushis whose performances were always different.
Randa Mai was one of the first japanese riggers who started making tutorails for western people. A lot of people used his lessons from Randa Mai is not only rope master, but a kitchen knofe master too. He has a professional cooking license. And... if someone don`t like his dishes, he has the 4th dan of one of the martial arts.
Here is Randa Mai`s answer for Osada Steve`s question about what are the main features of good rigger in his opinion.
“Good rigger shoud be also both phsycologist and terapist. He should recognize different needs of differend women to understand how to open doors for her own passionate trip. Relationship between the rigger and the model can be different. What about me I try to give love and care to my girls.”
The latest years were not easy for Randa Mai because of his illness and psychological state. He leaved the world os SM for a while, but came back on the professional scene this year.

The material was prepared by Dyadyushka Shu.