Medved &Marlin (Moscow)

I would like to present to you another rigger, announced at "MOSCOW KNOT" – Medved (BEAR).
I saw the bondage in 2007 at first Bondage Fest
Since then Bondage is the part of my life.
Never studied the bondage by purpose, but when I see the suspension or knot – I try to understand how it can be made. I do it automatically.
Bondage for me in the interaction of Master and Model through the rope. The result may be very different from pleasure to pain. The only unacceptable reaction is indifference
The beauty of rope allocation is only pleasant but not necessary element for me.Working with different models gives me diverse experience.
I attended seminars form AlekZander, WykD Dave, Riccardo Wildties, Bruce Esinem.
I participated in different events: BDSM New ball MASQUERADE, RopeFest (St. Petersburg), Halloween 2012 "Witches Wizards VS" (Moscow), BDSM FISHING 2012 (Moscow), BDSM FISHING 2011 (Moscow), BDSM CASTLE (Moscow), DEAD MOROZ show 2011 (Moscow), V-anniversary meeting "Izvergeniya" (Moscow), "Chicago" (Moscow).

At the moment, I work with constant model Varezhka (Mitten): "Bondage is one of many ways to fully and voluntarily trusted yourself to Riggers arms, obey the will of the Rigger, relax and enjoy the action."