Nawasabi Semenawa & Verena Venusian (Germany)

Nawasabi is one of the real shootingstars of the German bondage scene and has learned his craft from teachers such as Osada Steve, Nawashi Kanna and Yukimura Haruki.

Nawasabi referred to his style as "Classic Semenawa", a modern intepretation of torture bondage, based on classical techniques of the Aketchi Denki tradition and their derrivates like Osada- or Kanna-Ryu. Nawasabis style is clear, powerful and influenced by a lot of energy and devotion to the model. In his performances he plays primarily with the shame and suffering of the model, but always safely. Semenawa is not just to cause pain  - for Nawasabi it means rather to compose a creative and dynamic aria of suffering - to push the limits of the model, himself and the audience.

Since 2013 Nawasabi is performing on German stages such as the Boundcon Munich. At the beginning of 2014, the international scene has discovered him, he is e.g. a regular participant of Bound London. He is accompanied on Moscow Knot by the young German fetish model „Verena Venusian“. A delicate half Asian girl that completes Nawasabis sadism with her tender seduction, grace and beauty in suffering.

Nawasabi Semenawa German. ( )