Otowaya Otonawa & Tsubasa Wing (Japan)

Otonawa's bio:      

Otonawa (46, of Tokyo) launched an amazing, sky-rocketing career as a professional rope performer in 2009. More than 18 years as a traditional Kabuki theater actor give his performances unmatched energetic, emotional, and expressive dimensions. Today he is one of the most popular stars of the Tokyo shibari scene, captivating even the most critical Japanese and European audiences. His dramatic acting skills and rare mastery of diverse rope styles make for dazzling performances.

Otonawa is both an organizer and Stage Art Manager of the famous annual Tokyo Shibari Festival, ”Toubaku Shouen,” which attracts top rope artists and enthusiasts seeking education and inspiration from all over the world. In Japan, Otonawa is published by Sanwa Publications and AV (Club Mania), and he appears frequently in the popular ”SM Live Show.” He is a member of Hajime Kinoko's professional team of shibari teachers and performers (the Ichinawa no kai group), and both a long-time student and admirer of Kinoko.

Since their marriage in 2012, Otonawa and the beautiful Tsubasa have traveled, presented, and performed together as a team. Otonawa and Tubasa are often seen at Kinoko's shibari dynasty in Tokyo, the famous ”Sleeping Beauty,” and other high profile events, like the Kabukicho DX, Ontoki, Shishioto, and Geihosai.

In 2011, Otonawa visited Europe for first time to perform at the London festival. He returned to hold sold out workshops and performances in Rome and Milano in February 2013.
European Tour from 2012, dared Australia, the America tour last year.