Psiheya And Freya (Ukraine)

Psiheya - rigger and model from Ukraine, participant of numerous rope festivals, exhibits and shibari projects.

"My interest for rope emerged quite long time ago in 2006. At the time there was very little valuable information in the russian speaking community but emotional and technical aspect of the art immediately got my attention.
My way in the shibari universe started as a model. We carefully studied what japanese nawashis did by examining photos and developed safety rules by trial and error. Almost simultaneously I got interested in being a rigger as well as model and soon started to tie myself.
Eventually, I began to visit seminars and take lessons from the famous nawashis to find and develop my personal rigging style. I am sure that every rope master has his own technic that helps dive into details and broaden what is possible to do with rope.
From 2009 there were numerous stage performances, photo shoots, various projects in Ukraine and abroad. Since then I invite foreign riggers and organize their seminars. Currently I opened first and by the time the only specialized shibari studio in Ukraine.
Shibari is what I am in love with!"