Vlada & Falco (Moscow)

Vlada & Falco

They met three years ago and have been together ever since, carrying their rope art into the world. 
This duo share the same view on bondage - taking things to the limit, giving birth to something that is equally sensual, extreme and artistic.
Many of you are familiar with the photos of their original installations - naked Falco in ropes, bound to a lampposts or a tree, in the street of a European capital or in another picturesque locations. They are travel lovers with a never-ending passion for the new and extraordinary.

Their creative approach to perfuming is what makes their shows unlike any others. Every petite detail in their performance is well-thought and thoroughly rehearsed. They do not copy anyone and prefer to learn from their own mistakes. Once and for all, they chose the path of empirical experimentation, and, every step they make along that path brings them closer to finding their own voice. An outstanding intuition they have for each other, and, to a large extent, the similarity of their tastes, make them blend in together in a single creative effort, and bring joy to the audience.

“Bondage is a very significant part of our lives. I am often more interested in the process, than in the outcome. The aim of what we do is not to tie up the body, but to enjoy the sheer process, as evolving and exotic as a growing bonsai.
It's not about art or the energy of the performance, it's about self-impression. It's another facet of my life, like a sparkle in a firework show. And in the fireworks there are lots of flickering lights and bright colours – just as there are many emotions and feelings and senses in bondage. 
I share parts of me with the world, filter through myself its diversity and provocative appeal. And I am so happy that there is a man on my side who helps me share this with the world and let me turn my creative impulses into a real thing!”


The organisers of Moscowknot
Performed in Moscow (all major events since 2011), St.Petersburg, (Ropefest 2012, 2013,2014 Ropeday - 2013), London (LFotAoJRB 2012& 2013), Berlin (the Darkside club 2012) and Munchen (BoundCon 2013 bondage scene & 2014 - main scene).Demonia Night June 2014 Paris (France) 
September 2014 –  Kinbaku festival in Taiwan (Taibei) and Japan - Tokio (10 days event in club DX (live show). Tokio Undeground dec 2014  Geneva (Switzerland)