Jaeger and Loci (Moscow)

Among the picturesque variety of the Moscow Knot party participants, the Rigger I love most is Yeger. He says that he started showing interest in the bondage in 2006. The development of his unique style was greatly influenced by the art of such Riggers as AlekZander and Ariso Go. After Eger attended the Kinbacon festival in Lvov in 2009, he revealed bondage as art. Starting from that time, the bondage has gone beyond small-scale sado-maso practice for him, and the ropes have become an essential part of the Rigger’s image. Since 2010, the Rigger has been performing on stage. It all started as public performances during the meetings of the Yugen club in Saint Petersburg.

Also, the bondage fitted in the Rigger’s passion for artistic photography. This interaction together with public performances urges his professional growth in the “art of ropes”. Yeger says that the bondage for him is a mix of three main components: power, emotions and trust, and this mix is achieved by means of such a seemingly simple tool as a rope. All performances of the Rigger are characterized not only by high professionalism and a unique style but also by the unique work with a model. Each number is unforgettable, which is mainly caused by the extraordinary intensity of emotions and passions. The Rigger does not play them, he lives them on stage. Other characteristics of the style of Yeger's performances that are worth mentioning are an incredible sense of humor, courage, sincerity, desire to amaze, to frighten, to shock the audience, to knock them down. His performances combine such diametrically opposite sensations as horror and laughter, pain and tenderness, beauty and cruelty. The Rigger makes the audience empathize, not only watch remotely but feel themselves as real participants of the breathtaking performance. He erases borders between the audience and the performers. Unpredictability, beauty, eroticism and sensuality of the action can never leave anyone indifferent.