There would be workshops at Moscowknot 2015.



The origins of shibari/kinbaku can be found in hojo-jutsu, one of the 18 martial arts used by samurai. When those techniques were transfered into an erotic context at the beginning of the 20th century the influence of martial arts declined. In the 1920’s, Itoh Seyu published a book, called „Bi jin ranbu“ which means a „wild dance with a woman“. The new Ranboo, developed by Barkas in recent years, is his personal interpretation oft he Osada Ryu and focuses on some of the key terms within the school of his Sensein Osada Steve.
This class is aimed at those who want to explore Ranboo, a more active, rough and moving way of doing Shibari. The participants will learn how to use the elements of surprise, motion and variation of speed within a well directed brutality.

  • Discussion of the key words of Ranboo
  • Demonstration: How to start a session?
  • Hands on: Takate Kote in Ranboo style
  • Elements of Hojo Jutsu

level: advanced. The participants should be able to tie a TK without any problems."

Duration: 3 hours
Price: 3000 rub per pair.



Suspension from the scratch. 

In this four hour workshop with Nawasabi the participants learn to suspend their partner beautifully 
and safely. After a short revision of the Takate Kote III we’ll pay particular attentionto the medical 
aspects of a suspension as well as to the basic techniques to do this. With a semi suspension 
(Kata Ashi Zuri) we’ll practice all which is nessecary to bring our partner up in the air and safely 
back down before we learn to suspend the model entirely sideways (Yoko Tsuri). Depending on the 
skills of the participants we’ also will learn a special TK (Tasuki) that will give us the possibility to 
suspend our partner face up (Amouke Tsuri), different variations of both suspensions and a little 
progression that allows us to do a small performance with the model hanging upside down at the 
About Nawasabi …
Nawasabi is one of Germanys well known Riggers and will also perform on the festival. He learned 
Shibari from Osada Steve Sensei and Yukimura Sensei in Tokio as well as from a lot of private 
lessons with Nawashi Kanna Sensei.
Please be aware that this is not a beginner workshop. You got at least be able to tie a Takate Kote 
with three ropes like in Osada Ryu or comparable. If you are not sure if you fulfil the required skills 
please contact Vlada or Alex or write directly to, German only).
It is not possible to swap the roles during the workshop (active<>passive). You need at least 8X8 
metres of jute or hemp rope (6 mm)and a suspension ring (or biners).
There will be an translator during the workshop ….

Duration: 3 hours
Price: 2500 rub per pair.


Japan bondage

1.Name lecture in lecture (rope end, rope head, faucet skylark) Japanese of the part name of the rope 

2.The difference honnmusubi and katamusubi 

3.Direction (flow) to wind up of the rope in honnmusubi 

4.How to stop and the detail of the upper rope back. Deadline[ tome] that [not buriy{ lump} does not have] 

5.How to stop Kitagawa ryu ropes.[ for fioor] 

6.Three folds of upper ropes roll (simple laying upon of three tension) 

7.Method of the sacred straw festoon 

8.How to stop that I Suspension it, and how to stop correspondence & floor supports it. 

9. Box end 


11.Meaning of the kannnuki 

12.Practice (how to hang safe suspension ropes) of the carrying an opponent out of the ring 

13,tateturi yokoturi maeturi sakasa Method of new momoturi[ Thigh turi] 
縦吊、横釣り、前吊、逆さ吊り 新しいモモ吊 

14.Waist crotch rope (matanawa) 

15.Kitagawa sandals 

16.otokoshibari .onnashibari 


18.hishishibari [syukabishi and ero hishi] 

19.kinokoryuu TK3[munenawa] 


21.I kagerou shibari 

22.kemonoshibari [ beast] 

23.How to make hammocks. (tekanmusubi) 

24Dressing of the kimono 

25.How away the ropes[Coil] 

Duration: 3 hours
Price: 3000 rub per pair.

Scot Kinbaku


Mixing the 3 elements (floorwork, partial and suspension), and creating a long session of playing with erotic energy. Tight binding.

Duration: 3 hours
Price: 2500 rub per pair.


Randa Mai 

Randa rope torture

I'll teach Randa style bondage from begining to mastery.
Bondage rope by Randa will awailible for sell

Duration: 3 hours
Price: 3000 rub per pair.