Edna & Anea Capaken (Czech Republic, Prerov)

To introduce myself I-  I tied my first knots in December 2011 but it was only after meeting my muse Anea Capaken six months later that my  rope studies gathered pace and intensity. While learning with teachers such as Riccardo Wildties, Gorgone and Yoroi Nicolas, we started performing at Hell.cz and Shibari.cz events in Prague. In September 2014 we premiered internationally at London BOUND, our second trip abroad was to Paris where they performed at Place des Cordes along Gorgone and Ren Yagami, then we performed ar london's LFRA and RopeFest last November in Saint Petersburg. I also organize international rope event called Rope Spirit in Prague.

My distinctive style combines strict semenawa rope with a cane, both applied to Anea’s graceful body and strong mind with deep love and a wicked sense of humour.