Serg. A. Exmelin LiSiTsin & Olga Svoboda (Russia)

Serg. A. Exmelin Lisitsin & Olga Svoboda are a creative duo and a BDSM couple formed about three years ago. They have organized erotic bondage photo shootings, performed in clubs, held workshops in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Minsk, Kiev. They were participants of MoscowKnot 2014 and 2015.

"We were always pleased to perform at MoscowKnot. We believe that this event organized by Vlada and Falco is the largest and most representative event in the bondage world of Eastern Europe.

There aren’t many differences between our private and public rope play. It isn’t just acting, and it’s always sensual and expressive. We try to make our shows unforgettable, try to make them bright and full of strong emotions and energy, try to be a couple with a wild temperament and sexuality. For us bondage is an intimate relationship between each other, it`s a connection and a close contact, an opportunity to feel the partner through the rope. We like the play of desires, the feeling of power and submission. We would like the mix of appetences to transform into mutual satisfaction.”