Linked - Rija Mae & Afsana (Germany)

Rija started her journey into rope-wonderland as the passive party. The fantasies have been in her head since she was a child and she had her first contact with shibari with the Rigger Nawasabi. She discovered the one thing she was craving, and was from then on unstoppable and wanted to discover every aspect rope could give her. She started to tie herself secretly at the beginning, which increased to self-suspension sessions and rope sessions with her beloved bunnies nowerdays.

One day Rija persuaded Afsana, her best friend, that she should try rope at least once with her. This one first time was followed by many other sessions; even later photo and video shootings and scenes on stage. They experienced together a new way to interact, to communicate and to share their energy. From now on they are not only linked by their friendship, but also linked by the rope. This became their big passion and they both explore their ways as riggers, bunnies and in self-suspension – as “Linked”, the artist duo, as well as individuals.

Afsana discovered the rope scene in Berlin, so she had the chance to work with international riggers and so had an insight into many aspects of rope. She likes the challenge rope gives her, through pain and exhaustion, the way of discovering new sides and free energy to give away the control.

Afsana and Rija Mae are developing their styles together, with the influence of many different riggers and their techniques that it wouldn't be possible to count them here. Nevertheless they try not to copy any other styles, but mix them all up and create something new – which is always a challenge.