Sergey Libido & Polly (Russia)

Bondage made its way into my life in 2009 when I first read AlekZander’s essay on his website. I then became very fond of bondage, and studied ties and harnesses on photos in the privacy of my own home.

It was only in 2014 that I started actively attending bondage events and workshops. And a year after that I first performed on stage. Since then bondage, sessions and stage are an integral part of my life. 

Even though these three elements often come together, they actually almost never mix. I draw a very clear line between them. 

There is bondage just for myself, where my partner and I are alone, where passion is burning and feelings are overwhelming, and our bond grows stronger with every move of the rope.

There is bondage in a close circle of friends, where only part of the intimacy is displayed, leaving viewers guessing, where it is all about power and pain, imminence and shame.

And there is bondage on stage, where characters are more important than reality, where I can set my imagination free and paint the scene from a palette of emotions.