The program

Moscow Knot 2016 presents:

1. Bondage Battle with Studio-50

Rigger vs model. They have 15 min to tie up and 15 min to break free. The first model to get rid of the ropes wins, if nobody manages to escape the prize goes to the riggers. Battle is organized by Studio-50. The photo studio has several locations, offers fetish clothes, gear and equipment. For more information please see




2. Rope Dance Play with Mistress New

The play will take place on Saturday, April 23, all bondage lovers are welcome to join. Players will receive pictures of people dancing and have to express their associations in ties. A rigger can play with more than one model at a time, elements of self-bondage are also allowed. Floorwork only, no suspensions please. We hope Rope Dance Play will encourage thinking out of the box and free use of imagination for self-expression. We also hope that photos taken during the play will help to keep long-lasting memories for both participants and the audience.









3. Zenj’s Master Class on SM Bondage (no extra charges)

  • Introduction. Goals and historical origins of bondage. Bondage as feeling in captivity. Captivity in form of “mechanical bondage” – rope, steel, stocks and special gear. Bondage as humiliation.

  •  SM as sexual deviation. Bondage and power. Bondage and pain. Power and pain. 

  • Time factor in bondage (from the beginning of the master class Zenj’s bottom is tied up). “I want, I tie” and “I want, I untie” attitudes. 

  • Quick summary of safety measures. Nerves, blood vessels, joints, muscles. Duty to rescue. Safety cutters (scissors). When and to what degree it is acceptable to compromise safety. 

  • Simple hand restrictions (2-3 techniques). “Rope handcuffs”. 

  • Simple foot restriction. 

  • “Hogtie”. 

  • Straining positions. “Strappado” on the ground. Humiliation. “Watermill”. 

  • TK, historical version •

  • Chinese technique. Rough rope, few knots. 

  • Wrist-suspension hand-tying technique. Semi-suspension. Standing on feet.

  • Rope torture (twisting). 

  • Full suspension on wrists. 

  • Questions and answers.

4.Kazami Ranki and Masaki Nene Interview

We will ask our Japanese guest how he understands bondage, what his first SM experiences were, and many other questions.










5. Workshops of our participants from abroad

Riggers of all levels will have a chance to learn from our foreign colleagues. Workshops will be held in separate rooms and for extra fees.

6. Performances

Performances will take place every day on the main stage from 19:00 to 23:00.






7. Fair

Every evening: implements by Green, rope by Georg, MoscowKnot souvenirs








8. Bondage Jam

Every night after the performances there will be time for free tying. Everybody is welcome to join!






9. Photo exhibition

On the walls of MonaClub you will see bondage photos. Everybody can contribute, no restrictions.




10. Red Square Ride (on Sunday night after the official program end)

Our traditional bus ride through Moscow night to Red Square, taking pictures