There would be workshops at Moscowknot 2016.

La quarta corda

Keibatsu - Rope of torture 

This workshop is about some keibatsu's form. We'll discover some ties inspired by the traditional Japanese punishments that can be seen in Edo period printings, hojojutsu scriptures or in Seiu Itoh’s images.
These techniques are very hard for bottoms and need to be realized in completely safe way to reach an intensive and pleasant experience.
In these forms we can find the origin of “semenawa“, of the “rope of torture”; the beauty of suffering is one of the fundamental principies of kinbaku.

Depending to students' level we can study some of these ties:

  • suruga doi
  • ebizeme
  • strappado
  • sakasa zuri

level: advanced. This workshop is for experienced riggers and bottoms.

Duration: 3 hours
Price: 3000 rub per couple.

Red Lily 

Suspensions for male body 

This workshop will show how to tie and suspend a male body (and soul), going deep into differences between ties for women and men. This workshop is both for male and female riggers interested in tying men, but also for all rope addicts who want ещ know more about tying different kinds of bodies. This workshop is intended for upper intermediate level riggers who have some experience with partial suspension.


Duration: 2 hours
Price: 2500 rub per couple.


Andrea Ropes

Switch position

This workshop is about how too switch from a position to another during a suspension to create your own sequence. Combining different ties like tk, koshinawa and futomomo I will guide you through an amazing sequence of position in the air: from Hashigata tsuri (the bridge) changing to Matanawa tsuri (crotch rope), passing from Gyaku-ebi tsuri (face down) and Yoko tsuri (side), finishing into Kata-ashi sakasa tsuri (Suspended up-side-down from one leg).

This workshop is for experienced riggers and bottoms. To participate you should be able to tie a reliable TK and be able to close easily the suspension lines

Duration:3 hours Price: 3000 rub per couple.

*** I will be available also for private lessons: Different styles in takate kote, hojo hishi tk, hipharness, futomomo and many more topics. All levels, ask me for infos and rates ***



Flexible and dynanmic leg suspensions

Creating versatile harnesses for single point leg suspensions and transitions.


Leg harnesses, such as futomomos and straight leg suspensions, can often take a long time to tie, and can sometimes be restrictive to the model’s body postition, and to the overall flow of the tie.

This workshop will demonstrate how to make supportive, yet very simple and fast, suspendable leg harnesses that allow you to be more creative then the traditional futomomo / leg suspension allows.

Then, using a simple, minimalistic TK, Gestalta will demonstrate how to use these leg ties both as a main point of support, and as part of a versatile transitional sequence.


Level - intermediate.  Participants should be confident with tying a TK and with attaching and handling suspension lines.

Gestalta will also be available for private tuitions during the festival.


Duration3 hours
Price:   rub per couple.


Kazami Ranki 

Show shibari


Duration: 3 hours during the event. 
Price: 3500  rub per couple.




Newaza Kinbaku – On Floor Ties to reach connection

Newaza. The caressing style to strength connection between rigger and Partner.

From Yukimura Haruki ryu style to personal tricks, for a better experience in rope.

The workshop bring you through the use of the rope to bring pleasure and pain, binding arms and legs, as mind and feeling.
Strong and sweet movements, to bring the bottom to a full experience-

Level: A all level workshop especially for couples.


Discussion of the key words about Yukimura Ryu
Demonstration: How to make a floor tie session.
Hands on: Use of Nawa Jiri to control bottom
                  Kemono Shibari

Duration: 3 hours

Price: 3000 rub per couple.